A domain name is a website’s unique address on the internet, like a street address. It consists of a top-level domain (TLD) and a second-level domain (SLD). Domain names make websites easily accessible and memorable for users. They can be purchased and registered through domain registrars for a specific period. It’s crucial to choose a domain name that reflects the brand, purpose, and is easy to remember.

The importance of having a Domain Name

An affordable solution for small and start-up businesses seekiang a professional online presence. We offer a modern yet simple website design and essential pages only so you can establish a credible online identity with cost -effective price 

Give your website a professional and credible presence on the internet.

Create a unique and recognizable brand

Essential for establishing an online presence

Allows your website to be indexed and ranked by search engines.

Gives you control over your online identity abd content

Create professional email address to adds credibility to your communication

Problem with not having domain name

Lacks a unique and recognizable web address

Have to rely on alternative methods to access the website

Difficult for users to remember and access the website

Hinders the establishment of a distinct online brand identity

Search engine visibility and ranking can be affected

Credibility and professionalism of the business may be compromised

Doesn’t provide a sense of legitimacy and trust to visitors.


We help small businesses thrive in the online platform. With our experience and skills, we know what it takes for your business to succeed online.


We are here to assist you by providing easy solutions to grow your business. That’s why our comprehensive services are tailored to your business needs.


Whether you want to establish an online presence, increase traffic to your existing social media, engage with customer databases, or achieve higher rankings in search engines, we have the perfect solutions for your business.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Domain name is the address of your website either or registered in your store name.
Hosting to store all web files and images and can operate 24 hours a day serving your web visitors.
Payment gateway is replaced by automatic transfer method where you no longer need to send manual slip and further facilitate business transactions. We support every bank of choice in Malaysia including cards and credit cards.
SEO is an organic (unpaid) marketing tactic that can help in improving the ranking of your website in the search engine that is Google for search related to your business, helping to increase traffic and increase sales success rate. Your website will be exposed to the public naturally and you will no longer need to advertise your business.
The website we build can manage your customer database such as data storage to make it easier to monitor your customers and your customer contact details. That way, it will be easier for you to contact them.
We will put your address, as well as your phone number on the Contact Us page. You can share your website with your friends other contacts.
Each website we build, will be adapted to 4 types of devices and screen resolutions, namely tablets, desktops, large screens, and small screens. Fonts and graphics will be adjusted according to the suitability of the device so that it is easy to access.
We will provide manual and video training to make it easier for you to refer on how to update the website such as inserting pictures in the album. If you want us to manage your website, contact our team.
Not difficult. You just need to know some info to make your website constantly updated or you can contact our team to manage your website.
Yes, a beautiful and a complete website can make customers like your service.
Website and landing page are not same. Website is more suitable for the whole company profile and landing page is more suitable for promoting ads about a single product. If you want to make a landing page, you can contact our team.
Your business can be known by Google compared to Facebook. Facebook has a lot of competitors and not everyone will see and read your posts on Facebook. Unlike a website, other than you can change the layout, color, font that suits your taste, your business will also look more professional.
Yes, that is correct.

  1. The website provides your business identity and is a virtual proof that it exists.
  2. Users believe that having a website makes your business more reliable than just social media sites.
  3. Website is able to convey information quickly to visitors.

Photo album according to the info you gave us and you can load as much as you want. Just leave it to us.
Google Analytics is your visitor statistics so you can see the performance of your website and you can monitor the behavior of your customers. Also, you can plan a structured strategy for your business.
You can upgrade the package in the future by just contacting our team. We will discuss the budget and more information for the next package.

  1. SSL certificate means Secure Sockets Layer for HTTPS abbreviation. Usually SSL will have a lock symbol on the URL. SSL is a standard security technology for setting up encrypted links between servers and clients such as web servers (websites) and browsers. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in protecting their online transactions with their customers.
  2. Another meaning of SSL is the most widely used security protocol on websites today. It is basically a protocol that provides a secure connection (secure connection) between two machines operating through the internet or internal network.

Yes we will provide after your website is ready. We also provide a training manual where we teach you how to update the website, download images to the gallery and else.
A blog is a space where you can write any articles and shares related to your product or service. This blog is important for SEO where outsiders can find your blog by typing keywords in your article.
You can choose one language either Malay or English. If you want to be bilingual, contact our team. Our team will arrange for you.
Existing websites can be exchanged with our more complete web package. Your old customer data can be imported into a new website. If you want to improve web graphics, you can contact us. Our team will arrange for you.

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