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Creative work involves two main steps of having an idea, and then transforming the idea into a substantive form or process.

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Their beautiful / creative design options also provide a variety of opportunities to creatively promote your business.
Creative design can also attract customers and provide many opportunities for your business to be in the market widely and helps to raise the company name.
Attractive and great business cards will captivate prospects to get to know a product or service.
Business cards can also increase credibility, as they can create a sense of professionalism and legitimacy for your business.
As a REMINDER to reconnect business card recipients with us.
Business cards show you are more professional and serious about moving forward.
Business cards can give a ``first impression`` about the services provided in your business.



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Thank you for your interest in our service.
I am Norrazedah Asri from Syspro Web Development,
Any further questions I can help with?




Trusted company:!/ourcustomers


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Trusted company:!/ourcustomers

Portfolio Our customer : [Sassy_Social_Share url=”“]
Portfolio by industry :
  1. Food and beverages :!/food-and-beverages [Sassy_Social_Share url=”!/food-and-beverages“]
  2. Travel :!/travel  [Sassy_Social_Share url=”!/travel“]
  3. Training :!/training  [Sassy_Social_Share url=”!/training“]
  4. Products :!/produk  [Sassy_Social_Share url=”!/produk“]
  5. Others :!/others [Sassy_Social_Share url=”!/others“]
Our graphics are more professional
“If you can view, from our portfolio, we have a professional graphic design, very eye-catching!
Request FB & IG link
“Can I ask for your name / link?”
Which one is active, fb / ig
“social media ma’am, active only on instagram or facebook?”
Latest post Fb
“We found that your facebook / instagram has not been updated for a long time, last update on [date]” Where the majority of customers will check your information on Facebook to get to know your business. We can help “
Ask if there are any staff to handle social media?
[department marketing]
“Before that, can I know, is there a staff to handle your social media?”
Tell our benefits: having a graphic & copywriter department.
“In our package, complete all departments from graphics and copywriting all take over”
Customers can monitor our progress.
“You can monitor our progress through the system we provide”
Ask about their time constraints to handle social media.
“Is there a time constraint, until there is no time to handle social media? We can help you”
Praise their business
“Great business ma’am, if there is an orderly and beautiful social media, many people will ask”
Try to give offers.
  1. “If you are interested, we have interesting offers that are …..”
Ask about improvements
“Do you have any improvements we need to make?”
“In the package we offer, you can ….”
“In conjunction with the New Year, we want to give you the best kaw2 offer until ….. You are the person selected to get a special offer from us”
“Are your sale okay sir? Are there any changes?”
“Greetings Sir .. I don’t know the promotion for this last package ….”
Ask what kind of content their website is?
“May I know what the content of your website is? To make it easier for us to organize the design regularly.”
Ask them if they already have a logo or not
“Do you already have a logo for your product? If not, we can help you with a beautiful and attractive logo design.”
Tell us what package is available
“We have prepared a package like … it can help to update your fb / ig well”
Explain the advantages of social media for them to understand
“Social media can help your business to …”
Our designers are more professional
“We have professional designer experts, can design your products to be more attractive”
Give them solutions that we can help based on the needs of their company
Don’t worry ** we also provide packages **
Ask about graphics or design
Do you need our designer services?
Ask about their social media needs
You do not have a website? * stories about benefits based on their needs
Ask if there are any problems encountered while using the service
Do you have any problems? how can I help
Explain about existing campaigns
Describe the campaign in progress.



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