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Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is the process by which managing interactions with existing customers, past customers as well as potential customers. This is one of many approaches that allow a company to manage and analyze its own interactions with past, current and potential customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Difficulty in choosing a quality prospect profile.

The administrative process is too long and waste prospects time.

Lack of ability to perform analysis because data is not stored in one place.

Unstructured databases make you unprofitable.

It is difficult to access old data.

It is difficult to reach sales targets caused by irregular data.

Planned strategies are less effective.

It is difficult to run a cross selling business.

Relationships with unprofessional customers.

Time wasted to do manual updates.

Problems for your work trail.

It is difficult to continue the growth of your business. If your company is busy tackling all the other challenges, you may not have time to focus on marketing.

Problems finding and retaining valuable customers. If you are too busy doing manual tasks and all other things (because you do not have CRM), how can you possibly have time to market to new customers and then retain them.

Data is stored in different places and difficult data access can cause the data search process to be time consuming and lack of data access permissions.

It is difficult to get new customers and identify loyal customers.

It is difficult to identify buying trends by customers.

The cost of promoting the product will be more expensive.

It is difficult to get a large number of customers.

Operating costs will also be high and make the ROI process difficult to achieve.

The data storage process will also be irregular and important data will be littered.

Business operations are less efficient.

Difficult to deal with customers.

Facilitate data extraction.

Enhance the relationship between the business and existing customers to increase your income.

Provide complete information about customers to maximize customer relationships with businesses through up-selling and cross-selling.

Use existing information to provide a satisfactory service by utilizing customer information to meet customer needs.

Produces consistency in procedures and processes of providing answers to customers.

Encourage customer loyalty.

Reduce operating costs.

Increase the level of efficiency in business operations.

Accelerate the period of dealing with customers.

CRM is a measurable solution.



Manage and invoice projects with great project management features. Keep track of expenses and time spent on your customers’ tasks and payments. Ability to assign multiple staff to tasks and keep track of time recorded by assigned project members.


Build a professional and great invoice. Attach a file and send it directly to your customers including PDF invoices. Invoices with taxes vary by item. Create recurring invoices that will be automatically reproduced based on your setup (every X months). You can set from 1 month to 12 months.


Make an estimate in a minute. Delivered to your customers and wait to receive. Ability to convert estimates automatically into invoices upon customer receipt. Your customers can view and act as an estimate even without signing in.


Make interesting and impressive suggestions for your potential customers. Include pictures, schedules, Youtube videos with a great editor. Comment suggestions are allowed for further discussion with customers.


With a simple Kan Ban, you can easily track the clues and follow their progress. Attach files, convert instructions into customers, automatically import instructions from email, make suggestions, leave notes.


Record company expenses. Set up recurring expenses and it will be made automatically after the specified time period. It can be days, weeks, months or years. Ability to set expenses to clients or projects.


Post and receive payments in different currencies. Customers can pay you via Paypal and Stripe. PDFs are generated automatically after each payment is recorded.


Great support ticket system with Autoresponse. Private ticket staff notes, ticket giving, attachments, pre-determined ticket replies, enter knowledge links, ticket preferences, ticket status.


Enhance knowledge base articles from text editors. “Do you think this article is useful?” votes are included in the customer area.


Assign tasks to multiple employees, add task followers, allowed task comments, task attachments.


Use contract features to lock current sales. Create PDF documents in one minute to your customers through a built-in delivery contract. Ability to send reminders to customers before the contract expires.


Make a survey and admire your customers. Add your questions and increase your company’s productivity. Ability to send surveys to leads / customers / staff members and list of letters created manually.


Have a clear view of all the events of your company, invoice expiration date, contract expiration, expiration estimate, task completion date.


Share great company events, document uploads, easy employee communication.


Set goals and achievements. Inform staff of failures or achievements. Keep track of everything.


There are Custom fields for most important features. You can add custom fields to PDF invoices, estimates et.


Sales item reports, earnings reports, reports by customers, Custom date pickers Articles Leads to Basic Knowledge Conversion (Track if your articles are useful to customers, improve text by voice)


Generate a strong survey report.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Generally, you can use Perfex CRM without internet on localhost installation but you will need to lose the benefits from some features as for example:
  1. Dropbox file chooser
  2. Pusher.com real-time notifications.
  3. Auto updates.
  4. Google reCaptcha
  5. Media
  6. All Online payment gateways
  7. E-Signature (v2.0.0 and above)
The mentioned features you won’t even need when using Perfex CRM in offline mode but it’s worth mentioning it

The contacts email are unique because of the email piping/auto importing tickets feature and because the email is used for login.
If you have an email address that is not unique in the system database the script won’t know the company to link the imported ticket.

If the logged staff member is not administrator wont be able to see all media library data.
Each staff member have separate folder inside the media/ folder in your server except the administrators.
The attachments the none admin staff member upload will go to their own folder.
In future if you make this staff member admin then will be able to see all media uploads.

There is protection implemented to keep the numbers without gaps, by default delete is only allowed on the last created estimate/invoice.
If you don’t need this protection navigate to Setup->Settings->Finance and find:
  1. Delete estimate allowed only on last estimate – Set to NO
  2. Decrement estimate number on delete – Set to NO
These settings can be applied too in case you want to delete only 1 invoice/estimate and after you delete reset the settings to YES again.
Repeat the same steps for invoices if needed.

A non staff member is a feature in Perfex which allow you to have a member like a contract worker to work on projects, means that the staff is not actually an employee in your company but it’s a freelancer/contractor.
Some area of the CRM is disabled for not staff members.
Here is a list of the disabled features for non staff member.
  1. Announcements
  2. Newsfeed wall
  3. Leads
  4. Support – Default is NO you can adjust this for your needs at Setup->Settings->Tickets
  5. Public Calendar Events
  6. Google Calendar Events
  7. Goals.
You can add if you want other Permissions to this staff member like Invoice [VIEW] permission and this staff member will be able to access.
If you need to set a user as non staff member navigate to Setup->Staff open the user and check the checkbox field Not Staff Member

Yes! You can translate Perfex CRM very easy. Follow the documentation instructions and translate in your own language.

  1. If you are a customer and found a bug please open Support Ticket to get assisted.
  2. If your support is expired and you can’t open a ticket, please contact us at info[at]perfexcrm[dot]com and provide detailed information about the issue.
  3. If you are testing on the demo and you haven’t bought Perfex CRM yet please send us an email at info[at]perfexcrm[dot]com

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