Support Plan

Website support refers to te services and assistance provided to maintain, manage and troubleshoot a website. It involves a range of activities aimed at ensuring the smooth functioning, security and optimal performance of the website.

Website support services can include

Technical support
Content management
Security monitoring
Backup and recovery
Performance optimization
Software updates
User support
Analytics and reporting

CRM support refers to the assistance and services provided to manage and optimize customer relationship management (CRM) systems and processes. CRM support aims to ensure the smooth operation, effectives utilization an continuous improvement of CRM systems within an organization

CRM support includes

Implementation and integration
Training and user support
System maintenance
Customization and configuration
Data management and quality assurance
Continuous improvement
Reporting and analytics
Asana support refers to the assistance and service provided to the users of Asana project management platform. Asana is a popular web and mobile application that helps individuals and teams organize, track and manage their work. 

Asana support includes

Onboarding and training
Troubleshooting and issue resolution
Feature assistance
Best practices and optimization
Integration support
Continuous improvement
Account and subscription management
Support through email, chats and call are provided to make sure we can communicate easier to resolve concerns relating to a product or service expressly.

Why this support are important

Easy access
Real-Time Issue Resolution
Explanation and Instructions
Communication Records
Time Flexibility
Cost Reduction
Good Customer Experience


We help small businesses thrive in the online platform. With our experience and skills, we know what it takes for your business to succeed online.


We are here to assist you by providing easy solutions to grow your business. That’s why our comprehensive services are tailored to your business needs.


Whether you want to establish an online presence, increase traffic to your existing social media, engage with customer databases, or achieve higher rankings in search engines, we have the perfect solutions for your business.


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The fee made to build the website is one time only but you have to pay an annual fee for the domain as well as the hosting

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