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Work Productivity Application

Productivity applications are software that simplifies your work and allows you to complete more work in less time. The right productivity app can help you reach your deadlines and goals.

Work Productivity Application

Exposed to damage because manual documents can be lost , misplaced, stolen and perishable
Security issues regardless of the size of the organization, it's important to protect data and other valuable assets
Using different tools, sending hundreds of emails with attachments or using storage apps will cause a waste of time and make it difficult for your team to find your documents easily at a time of crisis
There is no task distribution system to ensure that the task is distributed as fair as possible
There is no structure where there is no good platform to monitor the tasks of each group. There may be new groups or members who need more attention to increase their productivity levels
Distracting. The more things you see, the harder for your mind to focus on the tasks that should be implemented first. In other words, the more things on your desk, the more distractions you get from work assignments
Will cause your team to be in chaos and confusion if there is any incomprehension
Difficult to track projects, tasks and resources for a task
Late project delivery eliminates long-term opportunities because the work is not coordinated and the targets is unrealistic
It's hard to find your work and deadline back because without a work management system, all your work is assigned manually. Thus, it makes it difficult for you to review your work even the deadline of the job as well as you need to remember and take note.
Work efficiency can be improved. Asana allowed team members to view all tasks for the week
Enhanced security. If you work on a project that includes or confidential data, Asana can help you protect that data
With the availability of a work management platform, the time used for meetings can be saved and management is better due to moving in line with the technology
Facilitate work footprint matters such as work deadlines
Able to easily track the progress of each member's assignment within seconds


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