FB Boost 500


With budget RM500, this is a perfect plan for a complete beginner in business. You can connect with the ideal audiences who are more likely interested in your content. With the lowest cost bidding, Facebook makes the bids for you based on what customer see as the lowest cost opportunities for your ads.

FB Boost 1000


With budget RM1000, this is a perfect plan for developing company. You can increase your audience by targeting the right people with the right message and that is the key to a successful ad campaign. Proper targeting will not only make your ads more successful, but it will also lower your overall cost of running them.

FB Boost 1500


With budget RM1500, this is perfect for a professional company! We will do an A/B Testing in your business strategy which means you can change your ad creative, audience, or placement to determine which strategy performs best and improve future campaigns.


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