Flat Mop Set


Redeem with 226 Coins



-【Double Scraper Tank Design】 Dry and wash area are separated for you to clean you mop head more hygienically, clean water and dirty water won’t be mixed together.
-【Free Hand-Washing】 With our product, you can wash and dry the mop without bending and dirtying your hands anymore. Mopping the floor can be an easy thing!
-【Place-Saving】 Width of the mop is only 10cm, so you could put it even in a small place, it won’t take up any place.
-【Microfiber Mop Pad】 Microfiber mop pad with double effect cloth, white fiber is for absorbing ; grey fiber is for decontaminating. Double effect, double cleanliness.
-【High Quality Material】 The rod is made from stainless steel, with EVA handle, makes it sturdy and comfortable ; mop pad is made from microfiber, helps you clean the floor efficiently.
-【Removable Washing Basket Design】 The washing basket can be removed, so that you can clean the bucket more thoroughly, there won’t have any dirt stuck in the gap anymore.
-【360° Rotation Rod】360° Rotation Rod with slim mop plate allows you to clean any corner in your house, like under the bed and sofa, leave no DEAD ANGLE when cleaning.

🎈Applicable Scenarios🎈
1. Wooden Floor
2. Marble floor
3. Cement Floor
4. Bamboo floor

1. Brand: MyJae
2. Model: MOAPB
3. Material: Plastic, Polyester, Stainless Steel
4. Length:123cm
5. Bucket Size:39x23x18.5cm
6. Mop Head:33cm

🎈Package Contents🎈
Mop Pole*1, Mop Bucket*1, Mop Cloth*2


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