Syspro E-Commerce Smart Product Manager – Stock Management, Bulk Edit & more…


Manage and bulk edit E-Commerce products, variations, orders, coupons, any E-Commerce website post type. All from a single screen using Excel-Like Spreadsheet.


Increase or decrease stock, inventory, price, change order statuses, extend coupon expiry…perform thousands of control operations quickly.


It’s your smart E-Commerce store manager that boosts your productivity 10x and gives you massive time savings.


Syspro E-Commerce Smart Manager is jam-packed with powerful features both in the Lite and the Pro version.


Here’s what Smart Manager Lite offers:


Single-screen interface to browse and manage these post types – products (all types), orders, blog posts, and coupons.

  • Inline edit (direct edit) records from the grid.
  • Perform 3 inline edits at one go without saving the changes.
  • Live Preview – see what you’re about to change before saving.
  • Infinite scrolling for smoother navigation
  • No restrictions on the post type fields available to edit.
    • Products – increase or decrease the sale price, regular price; manage backorders, SKU, change product description, categories, attributes, tax, etc.E-Commerce stock management was never so easy.
    • Orders – change status, billing details, shipping fields, currency, etc.
    • Coupons – modify coupon usage, amount, type, expiry date, etc.
    • Posts – title, image, update post status from draft to publish, etc.
  • Edit post types using search filters, date filters, and column filters.
  • Add/delete single or multiple products, orders, coupons, posts.
  • Search using keywords, categories, attributes or any other field.
  • Admin Columns – Show/hide data columns. Sort data to personalize the dashboard view. Like sort sale price in ascending or descending order.
  • Sticky header to always stay in control when scrolling through thousands of records.
  • Distraction-free mode when performing operations.
  • Image preview for image type fields in the grid.




  • You are frustrated managing the daily store mundane
  • You want things done quickly, easily, flawlessly
  • You want to spend time with your loved ones, go on a vacation
  • You want a thriving business and a better life
  • It’s a guarantee…it won’t fail you!


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