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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is an activity to keep the website running smoothly.

Web Maintenance Can Benefit You.

System security is not guaranteed.
Stored data is easily lost.
May cause hosting to have high CPU usage.
The ranking of customer websites in search engines like Google is declining.
It is difficult to update content for packages such as SEO, google ads, social media and so on.
Customers will not know if you are releasing a new product.
It's hard for customers to find a lot of information on Google.
No new customers will buy our products online.
Customers are less interested in buying the products offered.
Customers do not get the latest company information.
Customers are not confident to buy the products offered.
Difficult to update website.
Customers are unaware of the new products on offer.
Do not have time to constantly monitor the website as a whole.
Programming made for irregular websites.
Difficult to make newsletter delivery to customers.
Users find it difficult to get new info.
Difficult to get a response.
Could not market the business well.
Still using old images, no changes.
No visitors.
There are no developments that cause sales to decrease.
Less advertising created.
It 's hard for customers to recognize your business.
Privacy inside the website can be spread in the hands of others like hackers
Lost existing customers.
Customers will run away because other business have more attractive websites.
Can attract customers to visit.
Website security data will be better maintained.
'Fresh' information will attract visitors to come to our website.
Strict control can be trusted by visitors.
Good website maintenance, product sales will increase.
A well-maintained website will definitely be indexed by Google better and faster.
Provides the best user experience.
Can have a huge impact on how the value of your product or service is viewed.
Organize the information available in the website.


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The fee made to build the website is one time only but you have to pay an annual fee for the domain as well as the hosting

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